Magnetic Vehicle signs - Printed Graphics and Vinyl Lettering - UK delivery

Vehicle grade magnetic signs sussex and online, This is the best vehicle grade you will find on the internet and not standard grade magnetic material you find else where on the internet and ebay. Vinyl lettering will last up to 7 years and is available in a variety of colours, fonts & sizes....

Vehicle Magnetic Signs, full color printed graphics and or vinyl letters.

Highest quality very strong magnetic signs for any type of vehicle - built to order in any size, colour or font - UK Delivery!

magnetic vehicle sign
  • SignGenie magnetic vehicle signs - Max Power Magnetics
  • Ultra Bright Vinyl and Printed Graphics.
  • High Gloss 0.85mm thick magnetic sign material
  • Vehicle Grade Magnetic signs - rounded edges
  • Ultra high magnetic power - UV Fade resistant
  • Your Choice of sizes and colours
  • Standard company Advert Kits or Custom made bespoke Magnetic Signs built to your Design
  • Obligation Free Quotes  - Signs made to order for 2 Panels or 3- UK Delivery
Magnetic Vehicle Sign types
coloured vinyl text on white vinyl background white vinyl text cut in coloured vinyl background coloured vinyl text on coloured vinyl background vinyl and printed graphics on white full printed graphics
#1 Coloured vinyl text on white vinyl background #2 White vinyl text cut in coloured vinyl background #3 Coloured vinyl text on coloured vinyl background #4 Mixed vinyl and printed graphics on white/colour #5 Full colour printed letters and graphics

Free Magnetic Vehicle Sign Design Service

Basic design work and lettering layout is free on your magnetic sign. If not specified SignGenie will pick the font for you. SignGenie can match fonts and incoporate logos with your supplied design if you wish. SignGenie can discuss these requirements and supply proofs before manufacture.

SignGenie 2 Panel Standard Magnetic signs with Vinyl Lettering - Company Advert Magnetic Sign Kits

  • 2 identical signs based on your business advert/ text and sign content.
  • Optionally incorporate your company logo as well as add some graphics of your choice.
  • Popular size12"h x 24"w (300mm x 600mm) fitting most car and van doors, 
  • 2 colour on the signs background and text
  • Up to 6 lines of text in 2 colour - 4 lines looks clearer normally
  • You supply the text and select the colours, SignGenie designs send you the proof

Magnetic Vehicle Sign Price Guide - build online - UK Delivery

2 Identical signs up to 6 lines of text - Vinyl, Printed and Graphics
Dimensions Signs Extra Colours Magnetic Sign Quotation Online
Sign Size LxH Coloured Text
on White
White text colour background Vinyl + Printed Graphics Full colour printed graphics + Laminated Extra
Text Colours
Background  Colours
30cm X 15cm £19.00 £22.80 £26.60 £28.50 £1.90 £3.80 Quote & Order
45cm X 30cm £26.00 £31.20 £36.40 £39.00 £2.60 £5.20 Quote & Order
45cm X 45cm £32.00 £38.40 £44.80 £48.00 £3.20 £6.40 Quote & Order
60cm X 20cm £33.00 £39.60 £46.20 £49.50 £3.30 £6.60 Quote & Order
60cm X 30cm Most popular! Fits most car doors £39.00 £46.80 £54.60 £58.50 £3.90 £7.80 Quote & Order
60cm X 45cm £44.00 £52.80 £61.60 £66.00 £4.40 £8.80 Quote & Order
60cm X 60cm £49.00 £58.80 £82.32 £88.20 £4.90 £9.80 Quote & Order
90cm X 45cm Most popular for van side panels £67.00 £80.40 £93.80 £100.50 £6.70 £13.40 Quote & Order
90cm X 60cm £69.00 £82.40 £96.60 £103.50 £6.90 £13.80 Quote & Order
120cm X 40cm £74.00 £88.80 £103.60 £111.00 £7.40 £14.80 Quote & Order
120cm X 60cm £85.00 £102.00 £119.00 £127.50 £8.50 £17.00 Quote & Order
Stock Vinyl colours for Lettering and background colours
White Yellow Orange Middle Red Light blue dark blue
Lime tree Green Green Middle grey Lavender Pink Black
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